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Samba Reggae Community Drumming Bloco

Unity now! We drum against racism and oppression

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Anti-Racism is a process of actively identifying & opposing racism. Anti-racism is rooted in action. We tell the Samba Reggae story, help us spread the love; we are open to all regardless of background or experience. Together we are one, drum and dance with us.

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Samba Reggae

is a genre of music that comes from the streets of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Created in the 1970s as a mix of Brazilian Samba and Jamaican Reggae by Neguinho do Samba (Father of Samba Reggae), this music can be called an extension of the Black Pride Movement and sought to return Samba to its African roots and identity. Samba Reggae was first publicly played in 1974 by an Afro Bloco called Ilê Aiyê.

Afro Blocos

are neighborhood based community groups that promote music, race, religion, language and expression of resistance to educate the public about anti-racism and African heritage. Afro-Blocos serve the community to acknowledge racial-awareness, self-esteem, education and community healing.

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